The Rev. Rali M. Weaver

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If this is your first visit I hope you will find here the information you need to join us in community.   We are a loving and welcoming spiritual community and we  strive to work together to make the world a better place. 


First Church and Parish in Dedham was founded in 1638 and is now more than 375 years old.  In many ways we are both an ancient and timeless institution. We love our history and historical buildings and we strive to use them in new and better ways for the collective good of all.


Currently, we house the Dedham Farmer's Market from June to October and the Bay State Learning Center.  We strive to support the arts and our community and to live our values in any way we can. 


I hope you will enjoy reading more about us on these pages and join us for worship and Sunday School from September to the first week in June at 10 am.  


My office hours are September to June,  Tuesday - Friday  9-2  and by appointment.

You can reach by email at 

or by calling the church office at 781-326-7463