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On June 8th in Brewster, MA on Cape Cod and June 15th in Hopkinton, MA, Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) will hold our annual fundraising events, Against the Tide.  These are family-friendly morning-only running, swimming, and walking events, suitable for all ages and abilities.  Registration is open at  Against the Tide will also be held virtually from June 8th to June 15th.


We rely on our friends and generous supporters to help us to promote these events.  Can you kindly assist by including the attached information on your website and in your publications, and by posting the attached graphic?  Other graphic sizes are available if you need them.


Funds raised are used to continue and expand our programs to prevent breast cancer.  We collaborate with research organizations, both local and national, and academic professionals, to identify and educate about toxic chemicals in our environment that may cause breast and other cancers.  Find out more about MBCC at


Please help us to make our communities safer for ourselves and our children and grandchildren as we strive to change the legacy of breast cancer for future generations.


Thank you so much for your support!

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