Things I didn't learn in Seminary

I've been wondering about starting a blog for a long time. I had one for a while but nobody ever looked at it. I started wondering what it might be like to write a blog I really don't want anyone to look at. So this will be my attempt. I am calling this blog. Things I didn't learn in Seminary, mostly because, now in my 11th year in my first settled parish, I find I spend a great deal of time doing things I never was taught to do in seminary. For starters, I am heavily involved in marketing at my my church. In part because part of my actual job as Parish Minister is to draw in the public, and in our technological age that is nearly impossible if you don't get the word out in as many written and digital ways possible. So today I want to consider all the ways I market things that go on in the church. First I have been formatting our order of service since about my first week on the job, in part because our then office administrator hated formatting the order of service, and in part because I am the only full time staff and live on grounds, so have a better grasp of everything that goes on here. I have also been the one decider about the website, facebook posting, Parish Record, logos, and all other advertising, primarily because I keep track of the budget, have access to all the platforms. I have tried to pass off updating the website and all church email to others and the office staff currently help with that quite a bit, but in reality marketing is a big part of ministry... and when you get mad about something that wasn't marketed the way you wanted it to be you are probably mad at me.

#marketing #ministry

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