Things I didn't learn in seminary 2

So I started this a while ago and thought I would have no trouble keeping up with it but who has time when you are multitasking all the time. I was going to write about all the heavy lifting I do (ie carrying very heavy things) after putting back the platforms after the Pageant. I even had pictures to add to the mix. But who wants to see Grace and I dragging heavy platforms in the Meeting House. It would be better to think these things happen by magic I think. Then of course I could have written about the hours planning for the first MLK event in Dedham and volunteering to take care of the food only to be concussed an unable to shop until day of, then putting out food for 250 and having to feed over 400. They don't teach you that the loaves and fishes story is real in seminary but several hundreds of times I have found that to be true. What I think I will share with you is the 2.5 hours I spent wrestling a quarter from the shredder because the amount of time I spend fixing and making things work at church was definitely not mentioned to me in Seminary.

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