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Holly Fair Wrap Up 2023
Thank you everyone! The Holly Fair was a great success financially and in terms of spirit. We made
close to $5000 which was our goal and everyone seemed to have a great time. It was wonderful to see so many smiles! The Trading Post was our highest earner closely followed by the food table. I can’t begin to thank everyone but … a special thank you to Noreen King and Kathy Widger and the crew who organized and priced the Trading Post, to Kerrie Gallagher and the team who cooked and served the lunch, to Pam Aist for beautifully organizing the gift table and for selling lots of nice things, to Sam King and Linda Meyer-King for setting up and selling our Special Treasures, to Andrea Gilmore for making and selling the greens, to Diane Cullen-Moore for organizing and pricing the food table which sold out! Thank you to Rali and Grace for organizing the raffles and for helping in so many ways behind the scenes. Also, thank you Claudia Leone and Sharon Lane for counting the money and to Rali and Erik Meyer-Curley for packing up the Trading Post on Tuesday and transporting our leftover to Savers. No matter what you do there is always room for improvement so if you have ideas for next year, please send them to Carol Dixon. A couple thoughts for next year is to add electronic payment and to have one person to manage publicity so we can get more people in the door.
The Holly Fair is a lot of work but it brings so many opportunities for conversations, problems solving, and laughter! It reminds us of the joy and power of working together. It’s all done and now onto the rest of December!
Happy Holidays everyone!
Carol Dixon

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