Stewardship at First Church and Parish Dedham

A steward is someone who takes care of a property or organization. We consider every member and friend of First Church a steward because it takes all of us to keep our history of love and service alive.  We care for First Church in many ways.  

We live our values by doing everything from attending worship, singing in the choir, teaching in the UU Exploration Program, serving on committees, joining in activities and events, connecting with friends, helping each other when we are in need, engaging in our wider community for civic justice and pledging to support the church. 

The reason we ask for your financial pledge every Spring is so that we may plan our budget for the next fiscal year. We only ask that everyone contibute what they can afford to comfortably.  A pledge is not a binding contract; it is a promise that represents a hope. While the office will remind you of your pledge, we understand that things change.

This year our goal is $104,000 in pledged income to support our Church and Parish. So far we have received $86,061 t0ward that goal - a good start! You can check on our pledge drive progress anytime with a glance at the thermometer. --->


If you have not filled out a pledge card for the fiscal year 2022 chuch year, please do so by clicking the link below.  

If you do not know much about us, or are wondering what other people think about First Church and why they donate to our stewardship campaign, watch the 2022 stewardship testemonials from some of the Parish Committee members below. 

Finally, this year we make it easier than ever to give by offering an online link to giving.         You can always find the "Make A Donation Here" link at the top of this page. 

Thank you for your generosity.  We hope to see you all back in person on September 12, 2021!


If you have any questions or need a paper pledge card contact the church office.