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First Church and Parish is an open and spiritual home to all adults, youth and children who freely support each other in the individual and church community search for truth and meaning while serving the greater community and our beloved planet.
As we grow in our faith formation we strive to provide a robust religious education program for our children that:
  • Provides a learning environment of safety and acceptance

  • Encourages thoughtful reflection

  • Supports children in developing a strong spiritual core

  • Encourages individual thinking

  • Offers opportunities for social action

  • Teaches respect for, and draws inspiration from, our UU sources of faith

  • Develop and explore the true meaning of worth and dignity of all living beings.

  • Explore spiritual faith formation to develop a path for belief.

  • Meaningful lifespan and spiritual learning and growth

  • Cultivate an inclusive community

  • Create awareness and wholeness

  • Allowing space for the children to grow into what they learn and decide what's right for themselves.

  • We don't feed information, we nurture growth and learning.

  • Teaches respect for, and draws inspiration from our UU sources of faith

  • Judeo-Christian teachings and traditional world religions

  • Earth and the cycles of nature

  • Wonder and Awe; direct experience of the mystery

  • Science, humanism and Liberationism

Feel free to contact the Director of our children's Unitarian Universalist Exploration Program, Lisa Pilat, at:

Our Religious Education Philosophy 

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