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History & Background

The Parish Players is an amateur theater group consisting mostly  of First Church members and friends. It started over ten years ago when one of the R.E. teachers, a drama teacher by profession, led her class in a production of “Sadako and the Thousand Cranes.” Many parents supported the production and found that they enjoyed working with one another and the kids in such a group effort.  Two of those parents wanted to see this intergenerational fun continue so they created the Parish Players as an adjunct R.E. program.

Though the program started with a fairly simple play, we soon moved on to staging more complex shows, mostly musicals with a family theme and an intergenerational cast.  Though we have been blessed with talented singers and actors over the years, the only thing ever required to audition is enthusiasm. There is a part for everyone, no matter what the show.



The purpose of the Parish Players has been to bring together folks in the congregation of all ages so they might get to know one another in new and different ways. It has played an important role in breaking down the barriers of age, location, and social groups that sometimes keep us from reaching out to those we don’t know in the church. Working together towards a common goal while having a good time has helped to build stronger relationships between First Church members. 

The Parish Players are no longer financially supported by the RE program, but raise their own funds through ticket sales and donations. For many years The Parish Players have been able to contribute to First Church through improvements to the auditorium facility or fixtures and contributions to the operating budget.    

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